WHY are we different?

We love what we do. It’s that simple. Our service has been created from a place of passion for the incredible benefits of personal development that we have experienced directly ourselves and witnessed in others. But there’s something more…

As you know, the vast majority of businesses now provide wellbeing programs for their employees. They typically centre around nutrition, fitness and mental health programs and these are all incredibly valuable initiatives. But we bring something else to the table. Something new. Something different!

Mental Wealth

You see, we’re moving the conversation from mental health to mental wealth. What do we mean by this? Mental Wealth is the optimisation of one’s inner-world psychology. When you activate mental wealth, you may face the same challenges you’ve faced before, but now you’ve got the inner skills, abilities and resources to deal with them differently, from a place of personal empowerment and self-leadership.

Rather than getting stuck in a conflictual situation with a team member, your employees have the tools to navigate the dynamics and get a win-win result for everyone involved. Instead of holding back from progressing their career, they develop the confidence to believe in themselves as a leader. Instead of reacting in a highly pressured and changing environment, they develop the ability to stand back, reflect and then ask powerful questions that help to unify their team. The possibilities are endless.

Our training workshops are the result of years of development by a dedicated team, containing the very best and effective methods of holistic personal development, combined with personal support from expert life coaches.
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Personal development isn't intended to "fix" you, it's purpose is to empower you, to help you reach your full potential, to finally be yourself, living your true purpose - fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous. A new model of YOU and your company culture. And this is the reason we created our Trans4mind Personal Development Training program.


Put simply, when you activate mental wealth, people lead themselves - because they can. Trans4mind Training facilitates your employees in moving away from looking to management for answers, and instead empowers them to become self-resourced, self-lead, more creative and more team and solution-oriented.

We work with cutting edge people too. As a leader within your organisation, you already know the value of questions like “How can we limit mental health risks in our company?” But you also see the inherent, balancing power of the question at the other end of the spectrum:

“How can we best empower our people to optimise the mental wealth of our organisation?”

After 4 years of research and great endeavour, we are proud to say that we believe we have the answers to exactly that question. We offer an interactive, comprehensive, integrated, online personal development training supported by life coaching. It’s called Trans4mind Training and we’re delighted to share it with you.
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A coaching leader speaks...
Adrian Mitchell is the Co-Founder, Managing Director and Director of Training of the Irish Lifecoach Institute (www.ili.ie) in Dublin, Ireland. He has overseen the training in Life and Business Coaching of over 1500 people since 2001 and is also an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. He is passionate about the power and impact of coaching on the lives of individuals, couples, teams and organizations and the positive domino effects in the broader community and society....
“Your company or organization will benefit hugely by using Trans4mind Training to transform your people in any or all areas of your business through their unique workplace personal development training system. It is simple to use, will not interfere with the daily tasks and projects your people are faced with, and will create an empowered, satisfied, energized, motivated, self-resourced, self-directed and innovative group of people working in sync with the company’s or organization’s goals. If this is the kind of workforce you wish to have, Trans4mind Training will provide it for you.”

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