The effect of personal transformation in a business context

In today's fast changing business environment, more than at any time in business history, it is vital that corporates are able to have staff who are fully engaged with their work. Yet paradoxically, according to Gallup’s 2014 research, only 13 percent of all employees are highly engaged - and 26 percent are "actively disengaged.” This leads to associated problems of absenteeism, poor quality work, a low energy work environment, rapid staff turnover, and many other unwanted side effects.

It's an urgent problem that needs addressing and we have a solution...

Trans4mind Ltd, based in Dublin, Ireland, offers an online personal development training and coaching service. Our program guides employees through the process of self discovery, empowering the individual in the recognition and development of life skills. This gives rise to greater employee engagement and effectiveness throughout the organization.

'Trans4mind' stands for Transforming the Mind and that's what we aim to do: to help each individual transform their mindset, overcome the many challenges of life that everyone experiences, and as a result to find greater motivation and inspiration at work. In effect, transforming your business!

Trans4mind Training benefits the individual and the company. The online video workshops can be done at home, outside office hours - without disrupting the company workflow. Trans4mind Training empowers participants to master the 29 biggest challenges each of us face in life - challenges that make up the human condition defined in the areas of personal healing, success and relationships.

The training equips executives and employees with powerful tools that, when applied at work and at home, lead to a calm, inspired and fulfilling life for the individual and improved productivity and profitability for the company.


Empowering the individual

Rather than attempting to fix what is wrong with an individual, our personal development training instead empowers the natural talents and skills that are already in place. What was previously negative fades into insignificance and the employee becomes a powerful force for positive change.

By increasing levels of capability, satisfaction and happiness in the individual, and clarity of purpose, this in turn impacts positively on the workplace in higher levels of employee engagement, increased productivity and better professional relationships. A happy and inspired employee is a productive and creative one - a person much better equipped to adapt to and flow with change! And because our training focuses on up-skilling each individual, they are then able to seamlessly apply these skills to bring about positive changes throughout their working environment.

When a critical mass of executives and employees have these life skills, the company experiences a seamless transformation, created from the inside out by the company's own workforce!

Personal development

Effective personal development training

As Richard Branson reminds us, a company is simply a collection of people, and the profitability of the company is a result of the collective actions of the company workforce. And the quality of those actions is determined by the skill level combined with the happiness of each employee.

So is there a case for focussing on transforming the individuals within a company by applying effective Personal Development Training? There is abundant evidence that a happy employee is a successful employee. For example...

The real change that's needed comes from the inside out. Inspired, engaged and energized employees will boost the profits of any company no matter how challenged that company is systemically.

Trans4mind Personal Development Training provides effective online workshops to enhance executive and employee engagement, presenting a comprehensive training based on principles of positive psychology. Rather than 'fixing' the individual we empower and inspire.

So could a service that focuses on transforming individuals - by giving them tools to overcome their life challenges and the inspiration they need to become more diligent, enthusiastic and creative - be the key to the transformation of your business?

As our essential needs are met (Maslow's Pyramid of Needs) we move toward self-actualization. In this process of personal development, we increasingly unlock Mental Wealth, become truly engaged in our role in the business and activate Self-Leadership.

Is This the Time to Re-Energize Your Workforce?

Trans4mind Personal Development Training is a curriculum of online, interactive video workshops in which trainees are supported by their Trans4mind Trainer.

The personal development training helps individuals to reduce their level of stress and develop competencies in all the aspects of their life - at work, home, family and community - that affect their wellbeing.

The challenges that each of us face in life make up a tapestry of the human condition. We may suffer with an inability to solve problems, stress, conflict, confusion and depression as a result of unresolved life challenges, that also may lead to poor health and work performance.

Or we may - with the assistance of effective personal development training and the support of professional life coaches - overcome our life challenges and find greater inner peace, clarity, confidence and enthusiasm to achieve renewed purposes, both at work and in our lives as a whole. In this way, Trans4mind Training enhances employee engagement, motivation and success.

Assessments are made and certificates with graded competency levels are issued for all the training and coaching the participant is experiencing. These certificates can be placed alongside other competencies to assess the suitability of executives for promotion or changes in direction within the company.

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