HOW do our programs work?


1. Needs Analysis

One of our promises as an organisation is to meet the unique needs of every person. So using our evidence-based needs analysis tool, we discover the primary personal challenges faced by the individual employee. These challenges can range from “Resolving Conflict” to “Presenting Yourself Well” to “Becoming A Leader” and so on.

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2. Tailored Package

A personally tailored package is then designed to meet these individual needs and the selected interactive workshops are delivered online to your employee via their own personal portal.

3. Self-Discovery Experience

Through the workshop process, the person is guided through a self-discovery experience relative to each of the challenges they face. This empowers them in the recognition and development of self-leadership skills, so they become more confident and skilled in their capacity to resource themselves with solutions to their biggest challenges.

4. Embed the Learning

This doesn’t happen overnight however. As human beings, we all know that sustainable change takes time and commitment. That’s where our team of certified, professional coaches comes in. They are an essential resource, on hand as a direct, personal support to each individual to help them to embed the learning from the workshops and make the necessary adjustments to effect long-term change.

5. Evaluate the Efficacy

Naturally, we are committed to continuous improvement, and so we evaluate the efficacy of your company’s training program using both qualitative and quantitative measures. We provide effective and tailored company reporting on macro indicators, ensuring clear measurement of the value and return on your company’s investment.

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