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Facilitating growth and positive life change for individuals and communities is a key focus of the work of Local Development Companies throughout Ireland. Tackling poverty, disadvantage, and social exclusion are key priorities, and the individuals supported often experience multiple challenges, both practical and personal. The modules and workshops which make up Trans4mind Training empower people with the skills and tools to address many of these challenges and take greater control over their lives.


Whether unemployed, isolated, living with a disability, parenting alone or facing many other life challenges, Trans4mind Training helps people overcome barriers to personal wellbeing, growth and development, barriers which too often block progress and change. When this training was first introduced in Ireland, it was intended for the corporate or business sector, but it is equally, if not more valuable, for not-for-profit organisations working to support the most vulnerable in society, and to the many disadvantaged groups and individuals they support who could benefit greatly from this substantial resource for real change.

Why Trans4mind Training?

Trans4mind Training is the world’s only whole person, whole life, online training. Based on 4 years research and two years of field trials, it has been built online by a team of 20 people over 3 years with a €750,000 investment. This unique online training of interactive video workshops empowers service users to discover their greatest life challenges, expertly selected for each client using our Free Life Assessment Tool.


The client can then choose 3 of their greatest challenges from this plan and do a workshop on each, personally supported by an Affiliate Trainer. Alternatively, each workshop can be delivered in a classroom setting to a group who are all interested in the same life challenge.

Below are listed the three modules of Trans4mind Training - the life challenge curriculum from which the 3 workshops are selected...


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Where does this come from?

The Trans4mind Training platform was brought to market in Dublin when the CEO Wallace Huey joined Business Network International in May 2018. In the months of May to August 2018, 11 businesses within the BNI have enthusiastically taken up the training.

Trans4mind Ltd. is an education and training company, located in the Synergy Centre for high potential companies on the ITT Campus in Tallaght, Dublin 24. The company is registered in Ireland. The company is built on the 21 year history of, founded by Peter Shepherd in 1997. Trans4mind is a 6,000 page website with approximately 350,000 visitors per month - one of the world’s biggest and longest running personal development websites.


Early Beginnings
Peter Shepherd practiced as a psychotherapist and left the profession to pursue his first love of providing life enhancing personal development information and services over the Internet. He was joined in 2007 by Wallace Huey, a personal development author and practicing life coach. The company Trans4mind Ltd. was founded by Peter Shepherd and Wallace Huey in January 2011 to create Trans4mind Training, the world’s only whole person, whole life, research based, interactive, online training.


A Major Scientific Discovery
The titles for the 29 Life Challenge curriculum of online workshops were distilled from 4 years private research by the two founders. Wallace Huey coached hundreds of people online, by responding to enquiries on personal development issues received from all over the world through Trans4mind’s e-magazine at the time, Cultivate Life. Wallace and Peter categorized these enquiries into 29 Life Challenges. Thereafter all the requests for help that we received could be categorized within these 29 headings. It was then that Wallace and Peter realized they had made a major scientific discovery - that every person in the world experienced these 29 challenges at some point in their life. They realized that these 29 challenges describe the human condition and are one of the things that unite us as human beings.


Creating the World’s Only Online Whole Person, Whole Life Training
Then Wallace and Peter decided, on founding Trans4mind Ltd., to create a workshop for each of these challenges, which Wallace ran in the real world in Dublin for two years. During this period, Wallace gathered all the feedback from participants and this was used to further develop and enhance the workshops. After two years of successfully running the workshops in Dublin, Wallace and Peter decided to raise a total of €750,000 investment capital to take all that they had learned and turn it into an online training platform of the highest standard. 20 people, consisting of technical experts, film makers and personal development specialists, were recruited over a 3 year period to perform this task, under the guidance and direction of Wallace and Peter.


Every online workshop cost €5,000 to create, took 3 months to make and each had to pass an independent quality test by the Deputy Principle of a Secondary School, who had a long history in personal development education. Two of the workshops failed her exacting standards and were reshot from scratch with a new presenter and script. At the same time Wallace and Peter created the Free Life Assessment case analysis and marketing tool, which now has a proven track record of converting 85% of business leaders who participate in the Assessment to undertake Trans4mind Training. As this was taking place, the Trans4mind IT department built the highly secure online training platform, within which the Trans4mind Training life assessment and curriculum sits. This was followed by a marketing website which explains the value proposition to companies, community development groups and to the education establishment.

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