A Great Opportunity for
Trans4mind Trainers

Introducing a wonderful business opportunity for coaches, counselors, consultants, HR executives, and all business people who know the power of well done personal development to transform lives and raise performance in business...

How YOU can provide the benefits of Trans4mind Training to a company

Are you a caring, empathic person who wants to make a real difference in this world, to help to make a business you are connected with a much happier and more prosperous place to work? And to make a good income from doing so?

If so, we have ideal solutions for you, allowing you to either Work for Yourself, Work for Trans4mind, Work for Your Own Company or to take up all options…

Work for Yourself:

Become a Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer and Coach

We have found that the best way by far for individuals to participate and gain maximum benefit from Trans4mind Training - our series of interactive video personal development workshops - is to do each workshop (and the preliminary Free Life Assessment) accompanied and supported by a Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer. Note: The Free Life Assessment has an 85% success rate at converting business leaders into paid-for training.

As a Trans4mind Trainer you can bring life-changing personal development to the people in your contacts list - and be well paid for your work!

The Trainer is a person, with coaching skills, who is familiar with the training and able to guide the trainee in the necessary procedure of doing the workshop. The Trainer ensures that each exercise and questionnaire is understood and filled in properly, that the trainee realizes the key points of each video presentation, and that the concrete step the trainee obtains from each workshop is appropriate and motivating, and is then implemented successfully in the trainee’s daily life, both at home and at work. In addition the coach challenges the person through incisive questioning, to get more from the workshops, to have breakthroughs in understanding and to form key insights and write them down in the workshop’s text boxes.

As a Trans4mind Trainer, you sell a bundle of Trans4mind Training video workshops to a company you have contacted, usually through a particular executive you have met. Or you may be an executive within a company yourself, and you wish to bring the benefits of Trans4mind Training to your company. And there are further options (see below).

How you learn to become a Trans4mind Trainer...

Initially, after contacting our Dir of Training, Wallace Huey, you will be introduced to the training by doing a Free Life Assessment and an interactive video workshop of your choice, in person or online over Skype. You will be accompanied and supported by Wallace in the same way as you will go on to support individuals doing the training under your direction.

The training covers the following...

  • Experiencing being a client of a life challenge workshop of your choice, thereby being supported through one of your biggest life challenges.
  • Being taken through the workshop again, this time to train you in the optimum way to support a client on a Trans4mind workshop, using your coaching skills.
  • Being taken through the Free Life Assessment enrollment tool for a second time, this time to train you in how to combine your coaching skills with the Life Assessment and inspire people to sign up for your supported personal development training.
  • An introduction to how you can use some of the more hidden aspects of the Life Assessment to deliver winning ROI reports that will help convince companies to keep hiring you as a trainer and individual clients to keep buying more training.

You then go on to be a licensed Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer for workshops that you sell to a company in packages, chosen from our Curriculum of 29 workshops. Each package includes a Free Life Assessment... Remember, the Free Life Assessment has an 85% success rate at converting business leaders into paid-for training!

As an independent provider of Trans4mind Training who get your own clients, you are able to set your own prices. This covers the workshop purchase at €200 and your own fees for your personal support as a Trans4mind Trainer. Here in Ireland we are able to sell trainer-assisted 2.5 hour Trans4mind Training workshops to senior people in business for €450 each.

Food for thought…

The investment you need to make to start your own business is €1,000 for the training we provide to be a Trans4mind Trainer, as described above.

Following this, when you get started, we will gift two instances of any workshops from our 29 workshop curriculum, plus free usage of our Life Assessment enrollment tool. You can sell these commercially. They will be loaded onto your clients' dashboards for them to do with your support as their trainer. The recommended retail price for these two workshops is €900, however you are free to charge any fee of your choice.

So with this starter package you have established yourself in business with a Free Life Assessment marketing tool and a curriculum of 29 online workshops!

The clients you need are already present and available in the contacts list of your smartphone. Simply contact them and offer them a Free Life Assessment.

Remember, here in Ireland we are easily able to enroll senior business people in our workshops and they get great results. However, you can be situated anywhere in the world and be equally successful and if you have a good Internet connection, your training service can be conducted over Skype using screen-sharing.

Then remember that once you have succeeded with our starter package and you have gained confidence in our service, you can reserve workshops to sell at greatly reduced rates by buying in bulk. This means you can significantly increase the income you make from delivering each workshop. Details of our bulk buy discounts are available by emailing Trans4mind’s Director of Training.

Trans4mind Trainers Circle

This group is designed to assist you in an ongoing manner with all aspects of developing your sales and support service for Trans4mind Training. It covers topics like...

  • How you can get clients
  • How you explain the service to clients that will have people engage with you
  • The finer points of using the Free Life Assessment enrollment tool so you can enroll more clients and run convincing ROI reports
  • Improving your skills at supporting people to succeed with their Trans4mind Workshops, so you can charge a premium rate for your service.

These sessions will also include a Q & A session and later, as the number of experienced trainers grows, a peer-to-peer support component... Participants in the Trans4mind Trainers Circle will have free access to all of the 29 workshops in our curriculum, to learn more and discuss the insights each workshop presents, and to arrange mutual training sessions where each trainer supports the other in fully mastering the workshop's teaching.

Two of the Trans4mind Trainers Circle meetings will be on Skype but every third meeting will be in person in the company Training Room at the Synergy Center. This third meeting will have a social element.

These meetings will last 1 hour on Skype and two hours for the real world meeting.

The aim is, over time, to increase the standard of all the support offered for implementing Trans4mind Training, to learn how to be increasingly successful at sourcing and enrolling clients, and to create a shared mutually supportive community for those who deliver the training.

The fee for these monthly meetings is €55 per month and is paid monthly.

Limited offer for the first 20 coaches to join our service...

Clear your investment and be set up as a successful trainer with Trans4mind Training within 3 months. Investment needed €1,000 - this includes…
► Free use of the Trans4mind Life Assessment Tool with an 85% success rate at enrolling clients into paid for training and coaching.
► Free training in how to take a client through a Trans4mind Training Workshop to a successful outcome, which is measured, and these measurements used in Return on Investment Reports to prove the effectiveness of your training.
► Being set up as a trainer/coach on the Trans4mind online platform.
► Loading the entire Trans4mind Curriculum onto your training dashboard for your personal use and for you to practice with pro bono clients - note, this has a retail value of €5,800.
► Two instances of workshops ready to use for paying clients. This has a retail value of €900 - which you can use to repay your investment!
► Membership of the monthly Trans4mind Trainers Circle. This is FREE for the first three months, by which time both you and the Trans4mind Director of Training will aim to enroll a client on your first two workshops, giving you the best possible assistance to immediately clear nearly all your €1,000 investment. The Trans4mind Trainers Circle costs €55 pm thereafter.

Your next step:

Wallace Huey

Contact Wallace Huey (Dir. of Training) to begin your personal introduction to the Trans4mind Training service.

He will meet you on Skype, answer your questions and set you up for your initial Free Life Assessment session.

Additional options for qualified coaches...

Work for Trans4mind:

Alternatively, you can work as a Trans4mind Trainer in-house, with clients that Trans4mind has obtained. In this case, you would not have to source the clients, nor invoice them for the workshops, and therefore in this situation you receive a slightly lower trainer's fee of €200 per workshop and €200 for each Training Review Meeting. This in-house work for Trans4mind can also supplement your work as an independent Trans4mind Trainer. Note: These prices are subject to change.

Work for Your Own Company:

If you work for a large company you could opt to remain in employment but change your role, by offering to deliver Trans4mind Training, supported by your coaching, to the other employees within your company. Trans4mind will be happy to guide and support you in instigating this change of role.

Group Training Sessions

As well as being presented one-to-one with people in business, Trans4mind Training can be presented to groups of people in a training room. With the session run by a Trans4mind Trainer in the training room, each individual accesses the workshop privately on their own device to make text entries, while the videos are played publicly on the room's video screen and sound system. The Trans4mind Trainer supports the progress of all the participants. Group Training Sessions present significant cost savings over the one-to-one workshop experience, and are charged according to a seat price per participant.

Details on request

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