Trans4mind Training for Companies

We believe living a life that is just OK is not OK. We believe that everyone, given the tools, can live a brilliant life...

And that companies - filled with people leading exceptional lives - become exceptional companies!

What is Trans4mind Training?

Trans4mind Training is a practical online system for creating high performance in the workplace accompanied by greatly reduced stress!
We deliver corporate wellbeing through individual wellbeing.
We do this by enhancing company culture - empowering your team to take thousands of new concrete steps that take you closer to realising your vision.
This enhanced culture is delivered throughout the entire company, utilising a customised platform of interactive, online video workshops, supported by a Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer.
When installed in a company, the Trans4mind Training platform acts as both a training tool and a reference point for how goals within the company can be met. This is achieved by maximising the ability of everyone in the company to work together creatively and in harmony.
As a result of this enhanced company culture, the company has more opportunity to grow, develop and take on new challenges successfully. As it does so, the company maintains its cohesion through ongoing use of the Trans4mind Training platform.

The Training in a Nutshell

WHO are we?

We are a training company that enhances the culture within companies. We do this through an online personal development training and coaching service, that frees individuals to overcome personal and professional life challenges, so that they become more productive and more highly valued members of staff.
We know that individuals who are more self-aware and more at ease with themselves are vital human components of the successful business. By unlocking the mental wealth of the individual through our holistic transformation programs, we enable a more engaged, resilient, creative, self-resourced and self-expressed workforce.
Find out WHY we are different

How YOU Can Provide the Benefits of Trans4mind Training to a Company

Are you a caring, empathic person who wants to make a real difference in this world, to make your contribution in raising the consciousness of humanity - and in more down-to-earth terms, help to make a business you are connected with a much happier and more prosperous place to work? And to make a good income from doing so?

If so, we have the ideal solution for you…

Become a Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer

We have found that the best way by far for individuals to participate and gain maximum benefit from Trans4mind Training - our series of interactive video personal development workshops - is to do each workshop (and the preliminary Free Life Assessment) accompanied and supported by a Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer.

Note: The Free Life Assessment has an 85% success rate at converting business leaders into paid-for training.

The Trainer is a person who is familiar with the training and able to guide the trainee in the necessary procedure of doing the workshop. The Trainer ensures that each exercise and questionnaire is understood and filled in properly, that the trainee realizes the key points of each video presentation, and that the concrete step the trainee obtains from each workshop is appropriate and motivating, and is then implemented successfully in the trainee’s daily life, both at home and at work.

As a Trans4mind Trainer, you sell a bundle of Trans4mind Training video workshops to a company you have contacted, usually through a particular executive you have met. Or you may be an executive within a company yourself, and you wish to bring the benefits of Trans4mind Training to your company.

Initially, after contacting our Dir of Training, Wallace Huey, you will be introduced to the training by doing a Free Life Assessment and an interactive video workshop of your choice, online over Skype. You will be accompanied and supported by Wallace in the same way as you will go on to support individuals doing the training under your direction.

You then go on to be the Trans4mind Personal Development Trainer for workshops that you sell for Trans4mind in packages, chosen from our Curriculum of 29 workshops. The package includes a Free Life Assessment - remember, the Free Life Assessment has an 85% success rate at converting business leaders into paid-for training!

We offer the workshops in the following packages that you purchase from us and then sell on to the trainee:

  • 2 workshops at 250 Euros each (total 500 Euros or local currency equivalent)
  • 5 workshops at 200 Euros each (total 1,000 Euros or equivalent)
  • 20 workshops at 175 Euros each (total 3,500 Euros or equivalent)
  • 100 workshops at 150 Euros each (total 15,000 Euros or equivalent).
  • 200 workshops at 125 Euros each (total 25,000 Euros or equivalent).

This payment for the product itself, the Trans4mind Training workshop package, goes to Trans4mind. The implementation of the training is then in your hands.

In addition, you charge for your support service as a Trans4mind trainer...

You charge for your role as Trans4mind Trainer as you feel appropriate (typically 250 Euros per workshop) - of course, this payment is all yours.

PLUS you offer Training Review Meetings to each trainee after every 2 or 3 workshops, charged as you feel appropriate (typically 250 Euros per session) - this payment is all yours too.

Your next step:

Contact Wallace Huey (Dir. of Training) to begin your personal introduction to the Trans4mind Training service. He will meet you on Skype, answer your questions and set you up for your initial Free Life Assessment session.

Trans4mind's Headquarters
Our Headquarters is ideally suited to serving the company's international activities, which includes our burgeoning client and student base and our expanding network of life coaches.

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