Trans4mind is a Movement

Trans4mind is a Movement

There are many ways to bring a service to market. Most of them involve setting goals, having marketing strategies and making plans, then following these and measuring your progress against your goals and plans.

Here at Trans4mind we are doing things differently. We are developing Trans4mind and its service, Trans4mind Training, as a movement. For a service to be developed successfully as a movement it has to have three very special qualities. It has to...

  1. Be unique, or at least individual enough to not be surrounded by similar competitor services.
  2. Have a higher purpose beyond its business purpose of making a profit.
  3. Be a service that adds significantly to the common good.

If a service has these three qualities in abundance then it can be developed as a movement.

Note: Developing a service as a movement is not crowdfunding. It may contain similar elements to a crowd funded project, but a service developed as a movement has a pulling power of an entirely different level from a crowd funded service, so much so that it has no need of advertising or publicity!

How is a service developed as a movement?

In its purest form a service that is developed as a movement is simply shared, but shared powerfully. And then because the above three qualities are so evident in the service, it attracts to itself all the help, collaborators, investors, staff, and customers it needs. Sounds miraculous? It is in a way, but for it to work the development team have to put in years of work to the foundation of the business to make sure the three above qualities really shine out in the finished project.

Here at Trans4mind we have developed a simple 30 minute presentation, delivered personally by our Director of Training Wallace Huey, as the main vehicle for growing our business and for then turning it into a self-funding foundation. In our presentation we explain the belief, the purpose and the cause. It is light on detail and specifics, just enough so people know what the service is and where it came from, but it is heavy on why the service is needed and on how people can benefit. And it is the power, strength and urgency of that need that draws to Trans4mind all the assistance our company requires.

In our own case this presentation is about the need for world transformation at this time, and about the power of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a tool for planetary transformation. The presentation then goes on to explain how this Declaration on its own is not enough. It is a powerful intention, signed up to by every country in the world, but that it needs supported by an action. Our presentation explains what that action is, and how Trans4mind delivers it, by providing personal development training on all of the 29 life challenges that every person experiences, and in so doing delivers higher performance with greatly reduced stress in corporations and organizations across the world. The presentation then concludes with the many ways you as an individual can participate and benefit.

Over to you...

I’d like to invite you, on your own or with friends, to visit our HQ in the Synergy Center at The Technical University Dublin, Tallaght and receive this presentation in one of our training rooms.

If you would like to take up this invitation, please email Wallace Huey, Director of Training Trans4mind.

World Made Whole

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