Shooting Trans4mind Personal Development Training

Trans4mind Personal Development Training is being rehearsed in a small film studio in Rathfarnham and then filmed in the Photography Studio, Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

The result of learning gained from coaching hundreds of people over the Internet and the distillation of two years field trials, in Dublin, Ireland, we are now carefully crafting and refining each of the 46 workshops. Together these workshops give a comprehensive training in personal development. A new workshop is written, rehearsed and filmed once a week. The actual filming is done on camera with our film crew, Film Director and with one of our team of 8 presenters.

Meet the film crew and one of the presenters and see them in action on the photographs below...

Meet the film crew

The crew are busy getting set up and preparing to shoot the workshop on “Reach Your Goals.”


Olga is ready for action with her prompter.


Emily, our presenter for the shoot, is checking her mic with Blat one of the cameramen, before going on set.

Final adjustment

Final adjustment to one of the cameras being made by Barry prior to filming.

Blat walks off the set

Blat walks off the set to make a final check on his camera.


Emily looking cool in shades.


Something has annoyed Blat about his audio recording!


OK ready for action?

Barry filming Emily

Barry filming Emily with the low level camera.

filming has begun!

Look at the concentration now that filming has begun!

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