How Trans4mind Gets Coaches Work


As a coach do you ever wish you had access to a tool that was so powerful it could make visible what was actually going on for your clients and then offer a training plan to help them address their most pressing issue along with your coaching support?

Well now you can.

At Trans4mind we have a training curriculum of 29 interactive online video workshops. This curriculum trains your clients how to overcome their 29 greatest life challenges, with the support of your coaching.

Our curriculum took a total of 11 years to develop, with the assistance of a large team of experts and a seven-figure investment. Each of these workshops took 3 months to create and each one offers a life changing training experience - if accompanied by coaching. See the video - Training in a Nutshell.

Consequently we have a need to work with coaches all across Ireland and overseas, who would like to coach leaders in education and business and follow on to train and coach the leader’s team, and in so doing to effect an enhancement of the organisation’s culture, creating much improved performance with greatly reduced stress.

So how can you enrol these leaders in the fields of business and education?

A significant part of our investment was put towards developing our complimentary Life Discovery session. This tool is supported in real time by the coach. Through applying the Life Discovery, it is easy and seamless for coaches to enrol leaders in business and education into the training because it highlights - and makes visible in a attractive way - areas where they are strong and competent and identifies areas where there is room for improvement.

The Life Discovery then automatically displays a training plan, purpose designed to match the individual training needs of each leader. This allows the leader to choose the most beneficial workshop for them to start with, chosen from our full curriculum of 29.

This means that the leader is starting his/her training at the optimum point and will consequently gain the greatest benefit for the smallest investment of time and money. This then becomes a compelling reason for the business or education leader to take up our coach assisted personal development training.

Once the business or education leader has completed their online workshop, with real world coaching support, they choose with the assistance of the coach, a single concrete step that they undertake to enact in the coming week. The coach tracks their progress with this step and holds them accountable for submitting their online concrete step report before the week is out, whereupon they are accredited with completion of this workshop.

Further training and coaching then follows using the training plan generated by the Life Discovery as a guide for the personal development of the business or education leader and laterally his entire team and for the transformation of his business or organisation.

So if you are a coach in the business or education sector, with access to leaders, our training tool gives you a great reason to get in touch with your contact list and offer the Life Discovery, generating lots of coaching work for you in the process. (We offer a short and simple program that equips you in how you to combine your coaching with Trans4mind Training).

If you are such a coach, are ICF or EMCC accredited, and would like to learn more about working in collaboration with Trans4mind, we invite you to contact me.

Wallace Huey - Director of Training, Trans4mind Ltd

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