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When Steve Jobs first launched the iPhone few saw its potential, but he knew it was a world-beating product.

The reason the iPhone became a global product was down to its design. This simple hand held device could meet so many communication and information sharing needs, that it became the veritable, “product for everyone.”

Of course once it became successful many other look-alike (and inferior) products were marketed in its wake. But Steve Jobs had the vision for the first universally applicable hand-held communication and information device. And at Trans4mind we have done the same for Training as Steve Jobs did for hand-held communication.

How can this be?

All training is specialized. Each course has a niche, to cater for a particular area of human endeavor. However Trans4mind Training is the world’s first “whole person” Training, based on 4 years research and two years field trials, that discovered the 29 biggest life challenges that every single adult has. Whether you are Chinese or American, a professional or a tradesperson, man or woman, every single person gets out of bed each morning to face, over the months that lie ahead, every one of these 29 life challenges, present in Trans4mind Training.

Based on those 29 life challenges common to every person, Trans4mind Training is that extraordinarily rare phenomenon, an archetypal “product for everyone”.

So Trans4mind Training can be offered everywhere that people gather; on the Internet, in Third Level Education Institutes, in Corporations and in Government and Non-Profit Organisations to advance the wellness of the individual and, through individual wellness, the wellness of the Organisation.

Furthermore since Trans4mind Training is examinable and certifiable, CEOs and COOs can use the results of the training to spot who their star performers are and to maximize the potential of their staff. This is because Trans4mind’s Training in life skills takes people on a journey from mental health to mental wealth, making them a better and more empowered salesperson, doctor, mechanic or airline pilot! There is really no limit to the number of professional and trades based competencies that Trans4mind Training will enhance.

How does this work?

Trans4mind Training equips people in the three main areas of life: personal wellbeing, achieving success and enhancing relationships.

By addressing these three main areas of life skills, common to every adult, and have them work together to empower the individual, Trans4mind is able to offer a universally applicable training that works with each persons professional or skills based competency, to greatly enhance both personal and corporate performance.

A Short Overview

Trans4mind Training is the world’s first research based, field tested, whole person, whole life training available on the Internet. And because it is a whole life training, it enables people to master their life challenges both at work and in their private life.

And since large organisations and corporates are simply an amalgam of individual endeavors, this allows corporations and other work-based organisations to offer Trans4mind Training as a wellness program for the individual that will lead, in time, to both greater wellness and higher profits for the corporate to which they belong.

And this improvement in both individual and corporate wellness can be measured, with before and after statistics gathered on stress levels of both individuals (kept private within Trans4mind's secure IT system) and also collated and reported for whole teams and departments.

How Trans4mind Training is a powerful alternative to more traditional methods of change management.

The application of Trans4mind Training to an entire Organisation or corporate, also leads to significant improvements in innovation, change management and efficiency. This is because after every workshop, in order to qualify for their certificate, each participant has to come up with a single new concrete step for their life, to implement in a practical way the insights they have gained. This step has to be implemented in the coming week either in response to a current challenge at work or in their private life.

Each person is then signed off by their coach as having successfully completed their concrete step, or in instances where they were unable to do so, they are offered one-to-one coaching by email or Skype. In such instances they not only get to complete the concrete step but also gain the vital new learning from having stretched their competencies and done something they thought they were not capable of.

All this means that when the training has been completed the company is left with many new concrete steps - positive changes for the better by the people within the company. For example a 1,000 employee Organisation would benefit from 29,000 new concrete steps.

What would the injection of 29,000 new concrete steps do for the success of a 1,000 employee Organisation facing a time of change and transition?

In addition to these concrete steps, the company is left with a whole range of new skills among its employees from the training and coaching they have received.

The benefits of Trans4mind Training carry on well into the future.

By maintaining the Trans4mind Training Platform online along with its coaching team, and made accessible to staff, the Organisation has the beneficial effects of the Trans4mind Training and coaching experience available for either new entrants into the Organisation, or for existing members of staff who are facing new challenges.

This training platform then acts as a practical tool that promotes and disseminates quality life skills, cooperation, motivation and enhanced creativity across the entire corporate far into the future, acting silently and persistently to raise standards and promote harmony, creating a unifying “Culture of Excellence” throughout the entire Organisation.

That’s why, in today’s fast changing, stressful and at times chaotic world, like the iPhone, Trans4mind Training is a global product whose time has come.

If you would like to learn more about introducing Trans4mind Training, contact our Director of Training, Wallace Huey.

He or his representative will be delighted to meet with you to explain how the benefits of Trans4mind Training pertain to your Organisation.

Wallace Huey - Director of Training, Trans4mind Ltd

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