Trans4mind Training:
an Example of Creative Expression

By Wallace Huey - Director of Training

Now that Trans4mind Personal Development Training is launched I feel drawn to reflect on how such a groundbreaking training came into existence. In my reflections I felt drawn to dwell on a quote (see the image above) that I had written a number of years ago, which for me represents the essential quality of the journey we took, as our own particular contribution unfolded.

First of all - “Creativity gives rise to the limited out of the unlimited”

True creative endeavour always starts from nothing. It is the zero point, the blank sheet - or in our case, the empty webpage - that is the vessel into which our creativity is poured. I remember well when Peter and I sat down on Skype to begin the creative process of pouring content into that empty vessel, so that the webpage - and later the website - could be filled. In that sacred task we had to draw down from the infinite, the unlimited, ideas and thoughts and ways of structuring them, so that the empty website could begin to take shape as a limited, finite and bounded piece of work.

Secondly - “to sanity out of madness”

Creativity is akin to madness in that it is born out of chaos. Just as the primordial Big Bang gave rise to the known universe, so the creator must produce his own primordial splurge of chaotic thought to generate the sheer volume of raw material that can later be refined and defined into something sane and coherent - which in our case was Trans4mind Training and the website in which it lives today and has its life.

Thirdly - “to the valuable out of the priceless”

True creativity, which in its purest form happens in the moment, always adds value and meaning to the task at hand. This value, inherent in the true creators work, actually arises from an inner sanctum, a hallowed font of abundance, which is in and of itself beyond any human definition of value, as this zero point of birthing is timeless, sacred and priceless.

Fourthly - “to abundance out of nothingness”

In this pure form, the hand and mind of the creator works at lightening speed, taking all this outpouring from his own personal nexus point and, like Picasso, connects, matches and integrates the multitude of discrete elements of thought and forms them with Divine Precision, into an abundant and rich whole, of which Trans4mind Training is the outcome.

Fifthly - “to the original out of the familiar”

As he works at this lightning speed, connecting, arranging and integrating, the creator draws for his raw material, from his own entire history of memories, experiences and relationships, those familiar and oft neglected wonders in every persons psych, and forms them into heretofore undreamt of dreams, visions and forms, in response to the unique set of needs with which the creator is working. Furthermore the creative person does not rest until every single need has been addressed and until the whole entity that he has created contains the complexity of his vision in the simplest possible form. In our case this form was the Trans4mind website and its training curriculum. Any product, service or work of art created in this way is always original.

Sixthly - “and to hope out of despair”

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and so it was with Trans4mind Training. For any true creative endeavour there has to be the annoyance, the piece of grit around which the creator forms his pearl of great price. In our case we have our own personal needs which, at its heart, drive the Trans4mind project forward. As we now see our project successfully launched and nearing completion, what at times has been a journey touching on despair, now shines the light of hope into all who have contributed to its birthing.

So today we stand at the end of the beginning, moving through the narrow birth canal which all true creators must pass and on outwards - expanding into a new world and a new possibility - the possibility of sharing Trans4mind Personal Development Training with the world.

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