Learned from Apple

What Trans4mind has Learned from Apple

By Wallace Huey - Trans4mind's Director of Training

At Trans4mind we have always admired Apple and sought to learn from them.

In this article we will first look at Apple and the outstanding way in which they have chosen to develop their products and marketing, then we will look at the way Trans4mind Personal Development Training has learned from Apple's experience to create a service that we anticipate will do for personal development what Apple have done for technology.

Apple grew in about 13 years from near bankruptcy to being the wealthiest company in the world. Just how did they achieve this incredible feat?

Their meteoric rise after Steve Jobs returned in 1996 was a direct result of introducing a series of must-have products that simply flew off the shelves - particularly with the iPhone in 2010 - to make Apple initially the wealthiest USA tech company and then the wealthiest company in the world, bar none. Furthermore this was achieved in the middle of the deepest global recession since the 1930's.

What was it about Apple's products and the way they were marketed that made them so iconic in such a short space of time?

1. Solved the whole problem

Firstly each of these products - the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad being the key ones - took an area of human need where the existing provision was of poor quality, and re-engineered the offering to solve the whole problem.

For example, the existing Nokia and Blackberry, two leading smart phones of the pre-iPhone era, were clunky and limited. They only provided a few of the core features that the public needed in a handheld communications device. Then along came Steve Jobs and his team of innovators. They worked quietly and confidentially for years to identify the whole problem that a hand held communications device needed to be able to solve.

In the final iPhone they had managed to combine three separate technologies: a widescreen iPod with touch controls; a revolutionary mobile phone; and a breakthrough Internet communications device. All this along with a host of additional capabilities, loaded into a simple device that fits into a jacket pocket or handbag.

At first take up was modest and limited to Apple fans, but once the word got out as to what this baby could do, sales took off and propelled Apple to unheard of riches.

That is the power of Apple having solved the whole problem.

2. Simple to use

Secondly the Apple devices were, and are, simple to operate. Apple's development of touch-screen technology for the iPhone and then the iPad revolutionized the ease with which customers could operate the device. Apple's stated aim was to "make the technology disappear" which was a euphemism for saying that their services and systems were so simple and intuitive that you focussed on the task in hand rather than "How the hell do I use this?" With Apple, mobile tech devices had become cool, a tech fashion accessory that was also extraordinarily practical and useful. How's that for a blend of style, form and function?

3. Part of an ecosystem

Thirdly Apple's devices were remarkably integrated. Through iCloud your laptop communicated with your iPhone and your iPad and visa versa. Quite quickly, those who bought the different Apple devices, and took advantage of the huge developer support with "apps for everything," found organizing their life, even when on the move, just became so easy. Apple call it their ecosystem.

4. Attractively presented

Fourthly, in their marketing and retail stores Apple don't persuade you to buy anything, they simply educate you, in a beautiful way, about their products. They know they deliver the best, so education and not persuasion is the order of the day. They know that once you really get what their products are capable of and how they meet your needs, you will want to buy them. And millions do.

Through these and other innovations the Apple products, integrated over iCloud and supported by the Apple ecosystem of apps, carved out an unassailable lead as the quality technical device portfolio for discerning professionals and cool creatives across much of the world.

At Trans4mind we are working on a product that will do for personal development, what Apple did for tech. This product is Trans4mind Personal Development Training...

Trans4mind Training

1. The complete solution

Firstly, like Apple, our training solves the whole problem, in our case the whole problem of personal development. What does this mean in practice? It means that anyone wishing to develop themselves personally, has in Trans4mind a one-stop shop where they can be trained to overcome the 46 biggest life challenges that we as human beings face - challenges identified after 4 years of field trials and research. If you need to develop yourself personally, Trans4mind Training offers you the complete solution.

2. Simple and fun to use

Secondly our training is delivered through an online platform which, like Apple's touch-screen technology, is ultra simple and fun to use. We have achieved this by basing the design on the work of a small team of ultra-creative people with complementary skills, who have made sure the online training platform is highly sensitive to the customer's needs. Each stage of development has been put through rigorous customer testing. This means that in Trans4mind Training the user experience is seamless, leaving the trainee to focus on learning and growing in an enjoyable process.

3. Integrated training experience

Thirdly Trans4mind Training is, like the iPhone and iPad, remarkably integrated. In the training, the videos, interactive exercises, questionnaires, concrete steps, life coaching support, journaling, retreat experiences and community project, all cross-fertilize and support one another. This gives the trainee a powerful training experience which they control and can adapt to meet their individual needs, to create the kind of personal breakthroughs they are looking for in their life.

4. No need for persuasion

Fourthly at Trans4mind, we do not sell you anything, or persuade you to buy. Like Apple does, we will be educating you in an attractive way about our products, and assisting you to identify your life challenges, so then we can work together to master them. And, as with Apple products, we are confident that once you experience the simplicity and beauty of our training you will want to enroll in all the workshops.

Like Apple, and unlike most tech companies, we at Trans4mind have the highest respect for our customers' privacy and security. We are not in the business of tracking and selling personal information; we don't need to since we offer a first-class product that is valued by the customer.

For years here at Trans4mind, we have admired Apple and the products they have created and of course we use them ourselves every day in our company. We are very grateful to the team at Apple for how they have made our professional and personal life so much more creative and fun.

Equally, we intend to do the same for the world of personal development by empowering people, through our training, to have more creative self expression, awareness and inner peace and by these means to master all the challenges they face in life.

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