We Intend to Create a Billion Dollar Foundation
...with No Employees!

Now that we have launched Trans4mind Training, the Directors' minds have begun to turn, quite naturally, to the type of company that Trans4mind is going to become.

One of the aims of Peter and I have, as Directors, is to give everyone on the team who work with Trans4mind many of the same freedoms, privileges and responsibilities as are enjoyed by ourselves.

So how are we going to do this?

One of the ideas we are exploring is to create a multi-national company but to have no employees. Then once this company has cash reserves of €5,000,000 to extinguish the company debt and convert its assets into an incredibly powerful, self-sustaining foundation, with a goal to serve 1,000,000 trainees in the year 2026.

Employment is a funny thing. For some people it means security, belonging and status. For others it means imprisonment, dumbing down and mundanity. These second group of people value personal freedom, love responsibility and like to be captain of their own ship.

I have to tell you it's people in the second camp that we want to attract to work with Trans4mind.

Furthermore in every company I have ever come across, work is devised from the outside in. What does this mean? It means creating boxes of rigidly defined roles and responsibilities and in effect shoehorning people into them. Of course every company tries to get the best person for each job, but no matter how close, the fit is never perfect.

At Trans4mind we intend to create roles of responsibility from the inside out. We will do this by attracting people who love to use their initiative, who believe in having a go. We want to attract people who are interested in living their life purpose.

So we are not going to offer anyone employment. We are going to offer people self-employment. And it gets better, because we are going to offer people in our team self-employment, in an environment where they have guaranteed opportunities for work, where they always get paid well and on time for the work they do, and where their business functions in a sheltered, compassionate marketplace called Trans4mind.

In this marketplace, made up of the company and our ever-evolving needs, these self-employed team members will be encouraged to explore their life purpose by offering services in response to these emerging company needs, and to bill the company for the hours they work. They can work in the company office or at home, take their holidays when they want, develop their skills, learn how to add value and set their own fees, just as they would in a mainstream self-employed business.

What does this mean in practice?

For example, it might mean that someone starts with us as a part-time Film Director for our video shoots, while they also work outside Trans4mind as a healer. Then, by following their own sense of purpose, they might then grow their position to a full-time commitment by taking on editing the video scripts, and then expand it further into organizing the rehearsals and shoots as well. Then in time they might feel drawn to use their public speaking and networking skills, so they could find themselves letting go of their former role and instead travel for the company outside Ireland and introduce what we do to people in other parts of the world. As they do this, they might organize their time so that it would be divided between speaking engagements and holidays - so they could use this opportunity they had discovered at Trans4mind as a way of fulfilling a lifelong aspiration and seeing the world!

As this team member develops their role as a self-employed person, they would be discovering more of who they are and why they were born. In other words they would be discovering and unfolding their life purpose, and answering that profound but simple question, "Who am I?" And they would be doing so within the sheltered environment of Trans4mind.

We will also create a workplace for these self-employed team members where they have a sense of belonging, with many fun team events like parties and celebrations. Indeed this is how we run our business at present with our small start-up team.

In the longer term, we plan to purchase a house in a beautiful part of County Wicklow, known as the "Garden of Ireland," which will be available for the entire team to use privately as a holiday home, or to use for company events like retreats or training weekends.

The model for our company is the human body, where nearly all the functions operate independently and interdependently and are self-regulating. This leaves the mind free to think and plan. In our model for the Trans4mind company, containing the 1,000 self-employed businesses we intend to create, all will work independently and interdependently in a self-regulating manner, leaving the minds of those leading management projects free to consider their options and plan ahead.

In Italy in the 15th century, huge breakthroughs in science and art were achieved by studying the human body. These breakthroughs, for a brief moment in history, ushered in a Golden Age, now known as the Italian Renaissance. Today we are standing on the cusp of another breakthrough into creative abundance and a new Golden Age of raised consciousness.

At Trans4mind we intend to play our part and, like the great Masters of the Italian Renaissance, model our company on the human body. This company and then the foundation - Trans4mind - will stand as a beacon, shining it's light across the planet through the revolutionary training it offers, created and delivered with a powerful inspiring energy by a workforce of 1,000 independent people, all cooperating to deliver a single vision and all living out their life purpose.

If this appeals to you and you feel drawn to work with us, and would feel honored to be in service to humanity in this way, we invite you to get in touch. You can email me HERE.

Wallace Huey
Co-Founder and Director of Training


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