Film Premier Night – Trans4mind Style

Trans4mind hosted a private viewing of its brand new marketing video dashboard for all 15 people working on the Trans4mind Training project. It was held in the Red Room at “House” a bohemian open house in the center of Dublin - Ireland. It was a red carpet event and the 7 presenters on the project who starred in our marketing videos, were all clapped and cheered down the red carpet by the rest of the team as they entered the viewing.


Four of the Presenters were interviewed on camera about their experiences working on the Trans4mind Training project. You can get a sense of the real buzz and passion that is Trans4mind by watching these 4 short interviews in the accompanying video...

Then Wallace gave a short talk on the Trans4mind Vision and how this project is going to contribute to the awakening of the consciousness of humanity. Wallace then shouted “roll” and the first of 14 marketing videos was played.

There were gasps of surprise and a few tears as the full impact hit home of a video created to communicate the power of what happens when someone's consciousness is awakened.

Barry and Emily

Then after the other shorter marketing videos were played, Wallace summed up the evening by reading and then handing out a framed poem on being highly creative that he had written for each member of the team. Barry, one of the technical team, shouted out "What a finish."

framed poem

Everyone agreed this poem would help inspire each member of the team to produce an online training that has the potential to become an international classic in the field of personal development.

framed poem

Then everyone went upstairs to the Wine Room for tasty platters of the best food in the "House".

Meet the film crew

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