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Why Trans4mind is Inspired by WeightWatchers

By Wallace Huey - Trans4mind's Director of Training

In some countries in the East there are great spiritual teachers who guide and inspire thousands. Some in those countries think that we in the West are more focused on material riches and that we lack spiritual qualities and the kind of spiritual leaders who can lead others to the truth about life and how it can be lived.

And this may be true to some extent.

However one thing we invented and are really great at in the West, is corporate business. And at Trans4mind we take as one of our examples, WeightWatchers Inc.

"Why do you do that?" I hear you asking.

Let's look carefully at WeightWatchers to see what we can learn from them.

As a friend, I could help and encourage you to lose weight. This would make a difference to you but the difference would be limited to one person. What WeightWatchers have done is take the task of losing weight and turn it into a support system, and that has given rise to a billion dollar business. This business helps millions lose weight all around the world.

How have WeightWatchers done this?

They have turned weight loss into a science. Then they have supported that science with technical systems, legal agreements, training systems, equipment, investment, distribution networks and market research and they provide their services both online and in local communities. In other word's they have turned support for losing weight into a corporation - and that corporation, through the power of its systems, has spread throughout the whole planet.

At Trans4mind we have a global vision - to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet. Given our vision, can you now see why we use WeightWatchers as one of our inspirations and try to learn from them?

Here's how learning from WeightWatchers helps us achieve our vision...

I could (as many do) create a workshop on 'Overcoming Fear and Anxiety' on my kitchen table and deliver it down at my local community center - and that would positively affect the lives of maybe 20 people.

Now imagine if that simple workshop, just as WeightWatchers have done, was surrounded with technical systems, training systems, legal agreements, equipment, investment, distribution networks and market research, and made part of an entire personal development system with a scientific approach - in other words if that workshop was supported by a corporation - what would its potential be to spread peace and harmony across the Earth?

Then imagine that in this system there were 46 such workshops that together reflect the human condition. Imagine these workshops being supported by 5 one-day retreats, so that it is much greater than the sum of its parts, and that as a whole the training empowers trainees to be the change they want to see in the world.

And then imagine trainees from these workshops being supported by life coaches from all over the world, so that their individual needs are addressed. Then imagine that those life coaches offer free assistance for these individuals to use the training they have had to start and run a community project where they live, helping to transform their society locally.

And then imagine all the excess profits from such a corporate business being used to create and support an online personal development service free at the point of use for teenagers, so that they are empowered to positively impact on the future of our global civilization.

And then imagine, like WeightWatchers, all these services being made available across most of the world's major languages, in many of the world's countries, both online and in local communities!

Are you getting it?

Do you see why we will really impact on the consciousness of humanity?

Make no mistake, Trans4mind does not have any special people at the head of it. It is being run by ordinary people like you and me. However we do have a big vision and we are clear in our mission, values and principles. By taking WeightWatchers as one of our models, and by doing what we in the West do supremely well - big corporate business - we are building a global company that can and will help change the course of history.

We are building a company the like of which the world has never seen. A company that does not limit people or turn them into mere functionaries. We are building a company where everyone is living and working towards their life purpose, a company that is inspired by the practical application of love, a company that enlightens and inspires all who come within its orbit.

This company will help change the world!

The world is crying out for such a service. Now we are ready to provide it.

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Margaret Mead

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