Trans4mind's Company Founding Party

Trans4mind's Company Founding Party

In November, Trans4mind held its founding party as a company. We were celebrating three things, the coming of age of our company, the entry of our initial group of life coaches into our service and our imminent launch of Trans4mind Personal Development Training online. Wow... What a reason to celebrate!

The main feature of the party was a speech made by Wallace Huey, our Director of Training, about the vision of Trans4mind. During the event Peter Shepherd, co-founder of the company along with Wallace, was present on Skype from his home in France, along with the one of our coaches from the USA and Martha, Principle of Leadership That Works, an American life coaching school that is affiliated with Trans4mind.

Here Peter introduces the evening on audio...

And here is the main Founding Vision speech by Wallace. Don't be put off when you see the data projector at times project onto Wallace; a nice touch is that at times Peter Shepherd is also visible in the background on the projected Skype image. Wallace's speech gives an overview of where Trans4mind came from, where it is at the moment of the founding party and where it is going beyond that as a company. If you believe in personal development you will love this video...

Please return on July 4th to watch the "What is Trans4mind?" video on our new Trans4mind Training site.

And here is the video of Wallace interviewing three of the life coaches who are new to Trans4mind. It's an exciting video that captures the enthusiasm of the coaches for being part of the Trans4mind vision...

Your next step:

Contact Wallace Huey (Dir. of Training) to begin your personal introduction to the Trans4mind Training service. He will meet you on Skype, answer your questions and set you up for your initial complimentary Life Discovery session.

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