Trans4mind's New Headquarters

We have commissioned these posters for the walls of our new HQ that we have recently moved into, during April 2016. The office is in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, on the south side of the city. You will be able to contact us there, or even visit us if you are in Ireland.

Here are the posters we have designed.

The company goal is what we all aspire to create by 2026. In reality all of us at Trans4mind are in service to this goal...


The Company Tree illustrates the structure of the company and how we are organised at this initial stage of our development in 2016 to develop the company and progress towards meeting our 10 year goal...

Company Tree

In order for us all to work creatively and powerfully as a company to move every day in the direction of our 10 year goal, we need to be highly creative. The creative team that run the company are all trained in the Goethe's quote in the poster below and use what they have learned to rapidly develop the business.


Trans4mind is continually and expansively developing in the direction of its North Star - The Trans4mind Vision...


This Vision is then broken down and grounded in the various products and services we offer - these are summed up in The Trans4mind Mission...


We feel that Love is our essential nature, and that by asking - "What would love do?" - and listening to our inner voice and feelings we can sense inner guidance. This loving guidance is the core of our spirituality. If our life is guided by Love, we can live and serve in simplicity.

Wallace designed and wrote this poster for the Trans4mind Headquarters to inspire our team, whenever we might be struggling to come up with exceptional solutions to complex problems, as we work towards our Vision and Mission...


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