Peter & Nicole Welcome the Team

Here Peter and Nicole welcome the team at an early meeting of the Trans4mind team in Dublin, at Christmas of 2014...

The following message from Peter Shepherd was presented, to introduce the Trans4mind personal development educational resources and the forthcoming Trans4mind Training video workshops...

The value of personal development

For each of us, life is an ongoing learning process... we learn how to be happier and more fulfilled, and to achieve things of benefit not just to ourselves but also to others in our community.

When you're on this path of personal development, you want to find the vision that will spark a fire in your life - a purpose that utilizes your unique talents and potential, and that will make a difference in the world - a difference that you'll be happy to be remembered by.

To make this happen, you need to really know yourself, to accept yourself just as you are - that is, to love yourself. Accept your knowledge, skills and talents with gratitude, and recognize those areas where you still have opportunities for learning and development. For most of us, that means vast areas of opportunity lie ahead!

Human nature is universal, something we all share. But that doesn't mean human nature cannot further evolve; indeed it must, to meet the needs of Mankind's present situation, where a greater degree of peaceful cooperation, reform and justice is critical for our future survival and prosperity.

Each of us can evolve consciously by undertaking our own path of personal development, according to our individual needs, weaknesses and strengths. The information and resources of the international network of Trans4mind websites are designed specially to aid your personal growth, so you can better meet the challenges of life, at home and at work.

You have to find the thing that's right for you at this time. Just as in life you have to find the direction in life that's right for you - not what other people want you to do, and not what you may have been told to do, not what you may think you ought to do, but what is actually right for you, the thing that lights a fire inside you.

By acquiring new understandings and personal skills, the process of overcoming your personal life challenges may lead you to develop a powerful new dimension, that will be be of service to others and enable you to achieve a fulfillment of purpose that makes your life truly worthwhile.

You should not under-estimate yourself. The energy in the motivation to achieve a goal, and to break through the barrier of fear and of conditioning, to "do it anyway," is derived from having a vision that's really exciting, and is a reflection of your own true nature and desires. When that vision is really clear to you, then you can achieve anything.

You, most certainly, are capable of achieving great things and I'm sure that our Trans4mind resources and training will help and support you to do so.

The key is to take what you learn and put it into practice in your daily life. To change the engrained habits of a lifetime, and even to change the nature programmed into your genes... this is possible but it will take your determined application, over and over again, to reprogram your mind and transform yourself.

Fear and doubt is not the platform upon which to manifest a better world. It will attract more of the same. Neither is unrealistic optimism and rose-colored spectacles - we need to know about the issues my friend is pointing out! However: Love, compassion, service in action.... these are the crucial things that make a difference, that can save this world from decline and fall, and that can raise it in an ascension of consciousness. That is, our vision, feelings and behavior guided by non-judgmental, unconditional love.

Remember, the guide on your path is your own true inner nature, your connection with the universal, the divine, and that is LOVE. Love is unconditional acceptance. At all times ask yourself, "Am I doing / thinking / saying this in love?" and you will not go far wrong.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment, or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Each of us can find that love within us; it is the purest aspect of our nature, the witnessing higher self, that views from above our habitual patterns of behavior and cultural conditioning. When we are silent and still and wordless, within and without, we become mindful of that viewpoint, which is our divinity. From that point of view we communicate, understand, have empathy, perceive what's needed and act on it.

Each of us can do our part, according to our means and talents - and that's no passive thing. It means making contact, taking risks, getting off our butts. Making it happen.

It starts now...

Introducing Trans4mind Training

We are creating a series of personal development workshops called Trans4mind Training. I say “we” because the training is a collaboration between myself and Wallace Huey. Wallace has been a co-director of Trans4mind for 5 years, having originally become the coach for our Heart to Heart online service. He did such a great job and had many good ideas for the site as a whole, and so soon we became a partnership. Trans4mind itself became registered as a company in Dublin, Ireland where Wallace lives.

We built Trans4mind Training on the foundation provided by Heart to Heart Coaching, which served to identify the key life challenges that most people face in life. We’re not taught to deal with these things in school, and very little in the media helps us to get to grips with these crucial issues that underly our lives. We have categorized the life challenges into five modules: Healing Yourself; Being Successful; Enhancing Relationships; Answering the Big Questions; and Inner Guidance Training, containing 46 life challenges in total.

We put the very best of our personal development know-how into a series of real-world workshops that cover these issues, and ran group workshops in Dublin for two years to prove their workability, backed up by in-person life coaching from Wallace. The results were just great: so many people reported their lives were completely transformed!

Since then we have been preparing video versions of these workshops to bring the benefits of this training to people like yourself all around the world through the Internet.

The subject of inner guidance, or intuitive inner knowing, is a capability that fortunately we all have. However, it is nearly impossible for most people to be aware of inner guidance in the busy hustle-bustle of everyday life. So what is needed is an awareness of the importance of making time for silence, even if the time set aside is short. In this silence we can go within, be a witness of our mind and feelings, and sense what needs to happen or what needs to change or be created in response to challenges we face. Remember, if we do not go within, we go without.

It doesn’t take long - we’re not talking about hours of meditation here! If we do take the time, sense inner guidance and follow it, then in place of reacting blindly we can respond in the optimum manner. In any situation or challenge we are then able to provide exactly what is needed, precisely on time, with no stress. The more we follow our inner guidance, the stronger it gets and the more confident and sure we become.

In order to invite inner guidance we must be open - open to new ideas, open to different perspectives and open to change. To be a seeker is to seek the truth and the truth is not fixed or dogmatic, but is fluid and changes as circumstances and understanding change. The motto of Trans4mind is "Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”

I hope you enjoy the forthcoming series of workshops and I wish you every success with Trans4mind Training as a whole. I sincerely believe that your participation in this training will transform your life in ways that will delight and inspire you. Your encounter with each workshop will be exciting as new possibilities for your life are revealed and implemented.

Your next step:

Contact Wallace Huey (Dir. of Training) to begin your personal introduction to the Trans4mind Training service. He will meet you on Skype, answer your questions and set you up for your initial complimentary Life Discovery session.

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