We believe living a life that is just OK is not OK. We believe that everyone, given the tools, can live a brilliant life...

In partnership with organizations

Trans4mind Training partners with you to deliver Personal Development Training, supported by individual coaching, counseling or mentoring, to the executives, staff and students in your organization.
Trans4mind stands for 'Transforming the Mind' and that's what we aim to do: to help each individual transform their mindset, overcome the many challenges of life that everyone experiences, and as a result to find greater motivation and inspiration at work. In effect, transforming your educational institute or business!
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Trans4mind Companies
Uniquely based on empowering personal development, supported by personal trainers, Trans4mind Training's online interactive video workshops meet the need to find new and innovative ways to prosper in a fast-changing business world.
Trans4mind Development
Facilitating growth and positive life change for individuals and communities is a key focus of the work of Local Development Companies throughout Ireland. Tackling poverty, disadvantage, and social exclusion are key priorities, and the individuals supported often experience multiple challenges, both practical and personal. The modules and workshops which make up Trans4mind Training empower people with the skills and tools to address many of these challenges and take greater control over their lives.
Trans4mind Education
Our training enables staff and students in third level institutes to bring a deeper meaning to the education experience while addressing the challenges inherent in the education process.
Read our blog, TRANS4MIND TRAINING NEWS for the latest updates and to learn about the development of our training program.
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